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It’s the law!

There is no doubt that one of the easiest ways to market a product is when you can (legally) use the sentence “it is the law!”

Since July first in the State of California, a new law went into effect forcing anyone talking on the phone and driving at the same time to use a hands-free device. Moreover, if you are under the age of 18, you can’t use your mobile at all while driving. This law tries to keep drivers’ hands on the wheel to prevent accidents caused by distraction.

Retailers couldn’t wait, all hands-free sellers went nuts advertising any technology they had to keep the customers driving safely and under the law, and of course there was no add on TV or radio that didn’t use scary type of sentences such as “it is illegal”, “you will get a ticket” and of course “it is the law!”

Of course, most of the 23 million drivers in California don’t want to get a citation so sales of Bluetooth devices and other kind of headsets increased since September 2006, when the California Wireless Telephone Automobile Safety Act of 2006, or SB 1613, was signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It is amazing how a device that wasn’t selling very well can ramp up with a little push. The funniest thing about this law is that dialing is not prohibited, meaning that you can actually write text messages while driving (not that I encourage doing so, but you could).

Anyway, I think that despite this law, drivers are still distracted from of the road because they are eating, daydreaming, applying makeup, shaving, scratching random body parts, etc.

I really hope this this law will reduce the number of car accidents in California at least in the same percentage sales of Bluetooth devices grew (figures that have not been released by any manufacturer, by the way)

“We have definitely seen increased interest in all things hands-free these weeks leading up to the law,” said Charles Hodges, RadioShack’s national director of media relations. “Based on the number of people that drive in California, we made sure stores are well-stocked for customers.” CNET News.

If you don’t have money but don’t want to brake the law, here is an idea: alternative hands-free

Written from my iPhone while driving. Just kidding.