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How to freeze a warm lead

August 27th, 2008 No comments

After the problem I had with Amica (read past blog) I tried to find a new insurance company for my car. I called many agents, filled out thousand forms with my data, driving records and car info to compare different quotes, coverage and reputation . You have no idea how annoying this is.

After several quotes I got curious about how an Amica quote would look like, after all I had been a customer for the last 2 years and that could give me lower rates. So I thought, “Ok, I’ll give this guys a second chance.” I picked up the phone and after 30 minutes I was able to get a quote that was, indeed, lower than the others I got before. Great!

After that, the operator asked me if I wanted to close the deal at that time, and I said: “No, because I would like to see the policy first on my screen to check that I’m not missing anything important. Could you send it to my email?” Of course he replied a yes and proceeded to confirm my email address. Later that day I didn’t received the email, nor that night, nor the end of the week. A week after I sent an email to customer service at Amica to get my policy on the mail for revision, being very clear on my e-mail that I WANTED TO BUY the policy.

No response whatsoever for 48hrs, I decided to search just one more quote from (probably) the only company I haven’t got one yet. To my surprise it was lower than Amica’s with same coverage; moreover, I was looking at my policy on the screen and I felt comfortable to buy it on-line right away, so I did.

One day after I bought my policy with another company, I got a call from Amica’s customer service and they were saying something like now we are ready to take your order… that was two (or more) days ago!, I had to tell them that I wantED to buy… but not anymore, sorry. Moreover, later that day, I got another call from the Online service center to talk about my previous post, alas I wasn’t available but they wanted to hear from any other improvement idea I could have. I think it is great to learn from our own mistakes, I’ll give you that Amica, but learn from others’ as well.

In the end, the answer to the title of the post… how to freeze a warm lead? Waiting. If someone wants to buy from you now, sell now!

Also, if you are one of Amica’s phone/chat operators, don’t feel guilty about these situations; as Edwards Deming said once “The worker is not the problem. The problem is at the top! Management!”