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Flash CS5 will generate iPhone Apps

October 9th, 2009 No comments

At the beginning of this week it was announced that finally Adobe® Flash®, on its CS5 version, will be able to produce iPhone apps and deploy them through iTunes Store. This news resonates at different levels of iPhone and Flash ecosystems, from the business perspective to the impact in content for the users.

On the business side, this is probably one of the best deals that Adobe and Apple would have crafted. Even before iPhone – and before Adobe acquired Macromedia – developers were asking for a mobile version of the Flash Player, and Nokia and FlashLite flirted a little but nothing ever happened until now. I’m totally positive that iPhone’s processor can deal with a Flash Player, but this option would put Apple’s App Store out of business because the Flash’s developers outnumber by far iPhone’s and Apple’s distribution channel would be unnecessary.

The way it will work is that developers will create the content in Flash, then it will be exported to iPhone native language and will have to comply with Apple’s iPhone Developer Program. Then the content can be deployed through the App Store, and everybody wins: Adobe provides a new platform, developers can easily sell their apps and Apple get the revenues related to the Developer program and the app store.

A tip of my hat to those who crafted the deal and made this deal possible (on Adobe’s and Apple’s side), although I would have preferred a full Flash Player.

Current iPhone developers are arguing that Flash will not provide the same reach on applications, i.e. Flash would be limited, in spite of Adobe saying the opposite. I guess we will have to wait until the end of the year or early 2010 when the Beta version of Flash CS5 is released to see what it can really do, but so far the we have great expectations.

Here is a demonstration video from Adobe Labs:


Extra thought: I can see Apple opening the App store for different mobile devices in the near future and become a big hub for content distribution, what do you think? (let’s see how good I am at predicting the future.)