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Elevator pitch in 140 characters or less

September 9th, 2009 No comments

We live in a fast world that threatens to become even faster. The way we communicate with each other has dramatically changed in the last 10 years with a common denominator: attention spans are shrinking. ADHD seems to be a popular self-diagnosed disease for those who can’t concentrate and multitask as a way of living (myself included).

As a result, the way we communicate our business’ value must change too, be more succinct. Recently I heard Guy Kawasaki comment on a company’s value proposition saying: “Really? You can’t tell me what you do on 140 characters or less?” with an obvious allusion to Twitter and a very interesting one…

So I tried to give it shot and this is the result:
Dextra Media is a digital production company for marketing agencies specializing in Adobe Technologies (Flash, Flex, Photoshop and more)

Let me know if it’s clear…
Have you tried yours? Feel free to post it on the comments

We no longer have 30 seconds for a full elevator pitch, and if you do, you should say a lot since, for today standards, it is a lot of time.

By the way is good to be back after 6 months…