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Can you see more of what is out there?

September 22nd, 2009 No comments

Few days ago someone I talked to reminded me about a business analogy I haven’t heard in a while and I thought about putting it in writing for two reasons, because I think it’s a good analogy and because I want to see if anyone out there knows the original author to give him or her a deserved credit for it.

The story goes like this:

A shoe manufacturer wanted to increase sales and decided to go abroad. He hired two market researchers (business developer, sales rep, or any title you prefer), because as a wise man he never trusted on just one opinion. Both of them spent a month on a far far away country without talking to each other and upon their arrival, they reported their results. One of them said “There is no market whatsoever, don’t go there. No need for shoes” and the second one said “What are you waiting for! There is plenty of market there, we should start tomorrow.”

The shoe manufacturer was bewildered by the results and inquired both. The first one said: “Since I stepped down from the plain all I saw was barefoot people, no one in this country use shoes; hence no market.” The second one said, since I stepped down from the plain I saw the opportunity, we could sell at least a pair of shoes per capita, that’s a huge market, we just need some marketing”

The morale of the story, from my personal point of view is that we need to break our paradigms to see and go beyond our usual appreciation of the world around us, we might be losing a big opportunity. Think for while in your business or job or even your life, are you seeing more or the same? Are you using all you can on your different channels, markets, processes or resources.

By the way, I think the second guy was a Babson alumni 😉

If you can draw any other morale, please share it in the comments section. Thanks for reading and thank you Margarita for reminding me this analogy.

PS. Also let me know if you know who the author is.