We are a digital production agency with more than ten years of experience working with global companies including Bayer, Adobe, Pearson Education, and Televisa Interactive. Our passion is to empower ideas by bringing cutting edge design and programming capabilities to agencies and marketing departments. Our mission is to effectively convey messages over web and other interactive media and seamlessly execute digital assignments. Whether your digital strategy leads your marketing efforts or supports it, we can help.

We are headquartered in San Francisco with offices in San Jose, CA, and Central Mexico. Our diverse and experienced talent pool delivers results on-time and on-budget, consistently exceeding customers’ expectations.

As Adobe Solution Partners we can provide you with cutting-edge solutions due to our expertise in building RIAs (Rich Internet Applications), and striking visual content using Adobe Flash and Flex technologies, as well as After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator and other design tools..

In addition, our IT department is prepared to handle data integration with your online applications, allowing you to offer personalized content and advanced interaction in your campaigns with the use of server technologies, such as, .Net and MySQL.

Lastly, our business model structure enables us to leverage talent, expertise, and economies of scale to yield up to 30% savings in your projects compared to other production models including in-house production.

What this boils down to is that with Dextra Media, you can enjoy not only high quality productions, but also the freedom that a flexible workforce offers in this rough economy.

Recent projects

Input: Brief
Output: Award winning production

Results: Adobe 2008 MAX Awards: Honorable Mention.

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