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Success in social media is not measured by the number of followers

August 28th, 2010 1 comment

Recently our team spotted a funny situation in a Twitter account that started to increase the number of followers in a strange way. Here is an image of their historic number of users:

For at least a month they increased exactly 551 users per day. This is absolutely not normal and the only way to do so is to create fake users to increase followers. It’s really simple to create a new twitter account; you just need a fresh email account.

There are companies that offer that kind of service from different ranges of prices. Alas this service adds no value whatsoever and shows only your lack of understanding of social media.

It seems that the only reason of doing something like that is a pure egocentric interest, to impress your friends or your boss, but in real life has no business sense for your brand, but the opposite.

If you buy or increase your followers/fans with phony or fake users, your overall results in social media will be hindered and hurt. Measurements such as reach, interaction ratios, influence and active conversations will look worst. For example if at 20,000 users you interact with 5% of them, then if you have 40,000, with half fake of them fake, you will have only 2.5% of conversations. Then what will happen to @Cinemex who will reach 60,000 soon.

This is usually a management error, management who does not understand social media and focus energy and resources in the wrong tactics. It is easy to say who doesn’t get social media and sees it as just a way to try to be the protagonist but instead looking like a fool.

It is sad to see an important Mexican brand recurring to such foolish tactics after being present at the first Twitter conference in Mexico.

Shame on you @Cinemex for reinforcing the stereotype of cheating Mexicans.

What do you think?

When the wise man points at the moon, the fool looks at the finger.

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IA Interactive wins Gold and Bronze Awards

Every year,  The Creative Circle organization in Mexico awards the most creative marketing campaigns across different mediums such as broadcast, print,  and web.

Freaky Show - Bayer

In this year’s show, IA Interactive, our parent company,  earned the Golden Circle award for Best Microsite and a Bronze for  Best User Interface, both for Bayer’s Freaky Show project.

Congratulations to our parent company and all of our team!

Quality, results and creativity will be always something that separate us from our competitors.

Dextra Media is a business unit of IA Interactive – an interactive agency and Adobe® Solution Partner with ten years of experience in the interactive marketing industry.

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Red Balloons and Social Media

January 2nd, 2010 No comments

For those who think that social media is just a fad and has no practical use in the real world, I suggest you take a look at this experiment from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) that consisted in finding 10 balloons spread across US Territory.

I believe Stephen Colbert (and Riley Cane, who found all balloons) can describe it better:

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Riley Crane
Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor Economy
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Social CRM and your customers’ conversations

November 16th, 2009 No comments

Since the beginning of commerce (i.e. barter) consumers have been talking to each other about their likes and dislikes of their purchases, but most importantly, making recommendations about them. In other words an important part of business was, is and will be social communication.

Various communication technologies have helped marketers to join this conversation (or at least try), with the most effective being web technologies such as forums, blogs, social networks and micro blogging (like Facebook and Twitter). They all have given access to online customer communities and their conversations helping companies to build stronger relationships with their customers.

But what is Social CRM?

Filiberto Selvas, on his blog post “Social CRM: Let’s not dilute the term to death” defines Social CRM as “the systems and business processes / strategies that allow enterprises, customers (and partners that may be part of the value ecosystem) to establish, guide, operate, track, identify, act on, react to the inter relationships that enable all of the multiple dimensions of value”

You can read more about this on his blog:

Why is it important for your digital strategy?

It’s simple actually, because it is an effective way to build deeper customer relationships, engage customers and partners online and create new revenue opportunities, and better manage brand perception.

Filiberto is Product Director at Crowdfactory, a SaaS Platform that allows you to create scalable and sophisticated social network experiences while at the same time leveraging the scale of the major Social Networks such as Facebook.

Online Trivia Showcase

September 29th, 2009 No comments

The mansionFor over eight years and counting, Cinepolis, the fifth biggest cinema theater company in the world, has been rewarding their customers with an online movie-trivia, where participants have a chance to compete for several prizes, among them a brand new car. In 2009, Cinepolis’ Challenge theme was an enchanted Mansion where Uncle Oscar hid the prizes before passing away.

Our team designed from scratch various locations inside the house to portray a dark scenario; each room hosted a different part of the trivia.

Click on the play on the video to see an animated demo of the trivia or visit the full demo site.

Work developed by IA Interactive and Dextra Media.
In case you get lost on the mansion, here is map of the games and places where they are located:

Living room

  • Suit of Armor (image clues)
  • Shield and weapons(hangman)
  • Canvas (doodle guess)
  • Stuffed bull head (crossword)
  • Tall clock (capture fairies)


  • Old chair (jigsaw)
  • Tools on wall (image clues)
  • Old vase (doodle guess)
  • Record player (hangman)
  • Wheelchair (image clues)


  • Old water dispenser (search object)
  • Condiments (image clue)
  • Cured meat (doodle guess)
  • Stove (hangman)
  • Copper vases (image clues)


  • Coat rack (doodle guess)
  • Toilet (labyrinth)
  • Left candle (hangman)
  • Mirror (image guess)
  • Bathtub (image guess)


  • Old chest (memory)
  • Left canvas (image clue)
  • Bed (Hangman)
  • Rocking chair (image clues)


  • Lightpost (jigsaw)
  • Crow on tree (image clue)
  • Shovel (doodle guess)
  • Fountain (hangman)
  • Statue (catch objects)

Create and share your own tunes:

October 1st, 2008 No comments

If you think you have better aptitudes to create new music that the current musicians out there but you needed a cool and easy-to-use sound editor to prove it, I have something for you. But also if you are a music enthusiast who enjoys experimenting with sounds and effects this is a tool for you as well.
Soundbook is an online music editor that allows you mix sound tracks to create your own songs, but not only that, you have the option to share your tunes with your friends using their simple interface or even using the Facebook application. Be sure to have your speakers on!
You don’t have to be a professional musician or attend to Berklee College of Music to express your creativity, now is simpler, just log in and try it for yourself.

Soundbook sound editor

My alma-mater, IA Interactive is responsible for this creation. IA Interactive is an interactive marketing agency in Mexico and we thought about demonstrating our abilities to the world. I’m proud to announce that we are semifinalist for Adobe MAX 2008 awards.

Soundbook song composer

Enjoy it and don’t forget to share your creations with me!
By the way, look for my song, it’s called Karma, it rocks!…….. not

Ps. No, the band can’t go to play at party, sorry. The are booked.

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Generate Change

Have you ever wanted to change the world but you think there is not much you can do by yourself? Now you can! Imagine all the change you can generate in your community if you were to give the round-up cents to a non-profit organization. Now, it’s possible thanks to Generate Change, a Massachusetts-based nonprofit that helps local socially responsible organizations to get help from consumers with the support of local retailers.

The way it works is simple: a participating retailer at your local community will ask you at check out if you want to round-up your bill to the next dollar. If you say yes, all those pennies and dimes will go to an account which can be accessed by local nonprofits affiliated to the program to used those valuable resources in their day-to-day activities.

It sounds simple, isn’t it? Well it is indeed the opposite since Generate Change will make sure that the funds are properly used by everyone in the program and this is hard work. Moreover, Generate Change will help retailers to implement all necessary IT changes to make the transaction as transparent for the user as possible.

Excellent way to make social impact. An outstanding idea!

They are currently operating in the Greater Boston area and hopefully going national soon! I can’t wait to Generate Change at my local supermarket instead of using Bank of America’s “Keep the Change (for yourself)”. Is time to stop being selfish.

I guess the guys from IDEO, the ones that came up with the “Keep the Change” program, didn’t see this one coming. In your face!

To find out more, visit their web page

My most sincere congratulations to Jennifer Green & Team. I’m pretty sure in the future you will serve as reference for our Babson Class of 2008!

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It’s the law!

There is no doubt that one of the easiest ways to market a product is when you can (legally) use the sentence “it is the law!”

Since July first in the State of California, a new law went into effect forcing anyone talking on the phone and driving at the same time to use a hands-free device. Moreover, if you are under the age of 18, you can’t use your mobile at all while driving. This law tries to keep drivers’ hands on the wheel to prevent accidents caused by distraction.

Retailers couldn’t wait, all hands-free sellers went nuts advertising any technology they had to keep the customers driving safely and under the law, and of course there was no add on TV or radio that didn’t use scary type of sentences such as “it is illegal”, “you will get a ticket” and of course “it is the law!”

Of course, most of the 23 million drivers in California don’t want to get a citation so sales of Bluetooth devices and other kind of headsets increased since September 2006, when the California Wireless Telephone Automobile Safety Act of 2006, or SB 1613, was signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It is amazing how a device that wasn’t selling very well can ramp up with a little push. The funniest thing about this law is that dialing is not prohibited, meaning that you can actually write text messages while driving (not that I encourage doing so, but you could).

Anyway, I think that despite this law, drivers are still distracted from of the road because they are eating, daydreaming, applying makeup, shaving, scratching random body parts, etc.

I really hope this this law will reduce the number of car accidents in California at least in the same percentage sales of Bluetooth devices grew (figures that have not been released by any manufacturer, by the way)

“We have definitely seen increased interest in all things hands-free these weeks leading up to the law,” said Charles Hodges, RadioShack’s national director of media relations. “Based on the number of people that drive in California, we made sure stores are well-stocked for customers.” CNET News.

If you don’t have money but don’t want to brake the law, here is an idea: alternative hands-free

Written from my iPhone while driving. Just kidding.