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Online Trivia Showcase

September 29th, 2009 No comments

The mansionFor over eight years and counting, Cinepolis, the fifth biggest cinema theater company in the world, has been rewarding their customers with an online movie-trivia, where participants have a chance to compete for several prizes, among them a brand new car. In 2009, Cinepolis’ Challenge theme was an enchanted Mansion where Uncle Oscar hid the prizes before passing away.

Our team designed from scratch various locations inside the house to portray a dark scenario; each room hosted a different part of the trivia.

Click on the play on the video to see an animated demo of the trivia or visit the full demo site.

Work developed by IA Interactive and Dextra Media.
In case you get lost on the mansion, here is map of the games and places where they are located:

Living room

  • Suit of Armor (image clues)
  • Shield and weapons(hangman)
  • Canvas (doodle guess)
  • Stuffed bull head (crossword)
  • Tall clock (capture fairies)


  • Old chair (jigsaw)
  • Tools on wall (image clues)
  • Old vase (doodle guess)
  • Record player (hangman)
  • Wheelchair (image clues)


  • Old water dispenser (search object)
  • Condiments (image clue)
  • Cured meat (doodle guess)
  • Stove (hangman)
  • Copper vases (image clues)


  • Coat rack (doodle guess)
  • Toilet (labyrinth)
  • Left candle (hangman)
  • Mirror (image guess)
  • Bathtub (image guess)


  • Old chest (memory)
  • Left canvas (image clue)
  • Bed (Hangman)
  • Rocking chair (image clues)


  • Lightpost (jigsaw)
  • Crow on tree (image clue)
  • Shovel (doodle guess)
  • Fountain (hangman)
  • Statue (catch objects)

Measure… measure… measure… but measure the right thing!

I flying back to San Francisco from Austin after the SEM for SMB conference and I’m thinking about how many times the word measure came up during the conference. I agree 100% with the “measuring statements” such as “you don’t get what you don’t measure” or “if you can’t measure it, better don’t do it” but what these statements assume is that you are measuring the right thing.

For example, I was really surprised when small business owners from Austin where asked the main objective of their Search Engine Campaigns. One out of eight people said “increase sales” or “increase revenue” whereas the other seven were more focused on being the number one result in Google, increase visits to the site and be found by the keywords they wanted. Yes, yes I know that some of those are good indicators, but those should not be the final variables to measure. For example:

  • What if you have 100,000 visitors per day but none of them purchased your product? Wouldn’t you rather have 100 visitors and five of them making and actual purchase? If you are selling several kinds of products then also watch for margin, you may direct demand of your product with the best margins.
  • What if you are happy because you are listed in Google with the keywords you wanted, but those keywords are seldom used by your real buyers. That would mean that despite being the number one, you are not what people are looking for; hence, you just put money and time on the garbage.

So, if you are about to start any kind of marketing campaign and you are planning how to measure it, be sure to measure what matters for you, margins, EBITDA, profit. Not only measure eyeballs on your advertisements, unless you have tons of money to throw out the window. Even if you are tracking lead-genration in your website, follow those conversions to see how many ended up in a real sale.

Have a great weekend