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Success in social media is not measured by the number of followers

August 28th, 2010 1 comment

Recently our team spotted a funny situation in a Twitter account that started to increase the number of followers in a strange way. Here is an image of their historic number of users:

For at least a month they increased exactly 551 users per day. This is absolutely not normal and the only way to do so is to create fake users to increase followers. It’s really simple to create a new twitter account; you just need a fresh email account.

There are companies that offer that kind of service from different ranges of prices. Alas this service adds no value whatsoever and shows only your lack of understanding of social media.

It seems that the only reason of doing something like that is a pure egocentric interest, to impress your friends or your boss, but in real life has no business sense for your brand, but the opposite.

If you buy or increase your followers/fans with phony or fake users, your overall results in social media will be hindered and hurt. Measurements such as reach, interaction ratios, influence and active conversations will look worst. For example if at 20,000 users you interact with 5% of them, then if you have 40,000, with half fake of them fake, you will have only 2.5% of conversations. Then what will happen to @Cinemex who will reach 60,000 soon.

This is usually a management error, management who does not understand social media and focus energy and resources in the wrong tactics. It is easy to say who doesn’t get social media and sees it as just a way to try to be the protagonist but instead looking like a fool.

It is sad to see an important Mexican brand recurring to such foolish tactics after being present at the first Twitter conference in Mexico.

Shame on you @Cinemex for reinforcing the stereotype of cheating Mexicans.

What do you think?

When the wise man points at the moon, the fool looks at the finger.

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