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February 10th, 2009 No comments

I recently attended to the SDForum regarding the Ten Rules for Marketing yourself (twelve actually on the presentation) and it was quite interesting.

You can download the presentation at SDForum webpage so I won’t spoil it.

However I would like to comment on some points the presenters Sue Connelly and Gretchen Sand mentioned that I think are interesting. One of them is karma, and certainly I could pass the opportunity of writing about it in my blog. I totally agree with their point of view that helping people to get what they are looking for, or at least pointing in the right direction, will have repercussions in one’s life (good ones I hope) if you are honest about giving a hand to someone in need. But, sometimes it seems to me a little too “romantic” approach and I believe that sometimes you have to put your own interest first (without stepping in others people heads of course). I guess a good balance between both is ideal.

Now I will jump to a different topic: Networking. Sue and Gretchen corroborated what I have practiced since I arrived to the Silicon Valley thanks to an advice from a close friend: networking should be done looking for a relationship rather than a immediate benefit, moreover it should focus on quality as opposed to quantity. And it makes a lot of sense to me, just think about it, if you go to a networking session and you try to build a relationship with 10+ different people you will probably won’t make it and will end up burned, but if you focus your attention in two or three people and get to understand their interest and motivations this could end up in a more fructiferous relationship.

So stop going to networking events to collect 50+ business cards!

Well at least that is my recommendation

Thanks for reading!